Child Mind Institute - Multimodal Resource for Studying Information Processing in the Developing Brain (MIPDB)



The goal of the CMI Multimodal Resource for Studying Information Processing in the Developing Brain (MIPDB) is to provide a prospective open science resource focused on dimensional, multi-domain neuro-phenotyping of psychiatric and healthy populations. In line with the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Research Domain Criteria Project (RDoC), we conceptualize mental illness in terms of domain-general deficits, rather than the result of a single factor. As such, we present a novel battery of EEG-based paradigms that focuses on multiple key domains of cognitive function that may be useful for advancing the study of clinical cognitive neuroscience.


Simon P. Kelly, PhD, Michael Milham, MD, PhD, Nicolas Langer, PhD, Lucas Parra, PhD, Samantha Cohen, MA
Project Coordination
Nicolas Langer, Erica J. Ho, Helen Y. Xu
Data Collection and Organization
Erica J. Ho, Lindsay M. Alexander, Helen Y. Xu, Renee K. Jozanovic, Enitan T. Marcelle
Erica J. Ho, Helen Y. Xu

Contact: If you have any questions, please contact us.


The data resource and work presented here were supported by gifts to the Child Mind Institute from Phyllis Green, Randolph Cowen, and Joseph Healey. Nicolas Langer was supported through the CMI Endeavor Scientists Program. Michael Milham is a Randolph Cowen and Phyllis Green Scholar.


We would like to thank the participants and their families for taking the time to be in the study, as well as their willingness to have their data shared with the scientific community. We would also like to thank the members of the Mind Research Network, particularly Margaret King and Vince Calhoun, for their support in using the COINS neuroinformatics platform.

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